Previously commiting to something and not following through. Also ignoring phone calls, and or not notifying other parties when a change of plans occurs. Leaving friends "in the dust". Also see gay.
Jacob: Yo man, where is Greg, he is suppose to be here?

Alex: Bro, I called it. He's pulling a Joey. You owe me $10.
by AcBush July 11, 2008
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Faking sick and not coming to school, instead staying home and doing absolutely nothing.

Saying you did your homework, then looking for a half-hour, not finding anything, saying you swear it was there, and completely lie even though everyone knows you didn't do your homework.
Steve: Where's Joe today?
Ed: Oh, he's totally pulling a Joey.

Joe: I know I did my homework, but I just can't find it. Can I check my locker?
Teacher: Sure
(half-hour later)
*bell rings*
Joe: I did it, but can I get it to you tomorrow?
Teacher: Yes...
*Joe then looks in the extra sheets folder, takes the homework, and doesn't do it anyways. The cycle continues forever*
by EJ Falkon April 19, 2010
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The act of deceiving someone by telling them something you're not. (lying)
Cute Cali Girl: So what kind of arguments do you get into with your ex?
Joey: I actually don't argue with a girl....ever.... I'm just "old fashioned" you could say...
Cute Cali Girl: Stop it, you're Pulling a Joey
by TheStealthAssassin September 1, 2021
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When you get too high you can't function and end up peeing your pants
"bro last night I was so high I totally pulled a joey"
by puthydestroyer69milf September 29, 2021
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To defecate in one's own pants, acknowledge that you have defecated your own pants, and then proceed to continue to try to pick up women at bar in those pants, and lastly to pass out in those pants.
Drunken Guy 1: "Oh man I feel a monster fart coming"
Drunken Guy 2: "Hey man be careful you don't pull a Joey"
by Shitpants14 April 14, 2010
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Saying "whatever" because you have no counter argument and can't think of something intelligent to say.
"Whatever Kati" "really joey, see your pulling a joey!"
by Faawee February 16, 2014
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to make ordinary life...gayer then shit
like to honestly make everybody so uncomfortable that they actually wouldn't mind doing a ugly chick to get away from the situation!!!!
Zach- Lets Bedazzle our pants!
John_ Ummm Zach...don't pull a Joey or we won't let you hang in our group
Andy- I second that
John- Andy get out of here...rule number 4 buddy.
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