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When someone dates a person of lesser interest to help further along a future relationship with a more desireable person.
"Yo dude im pulling a murphy by dating jenna to get closer to cindy."
by Icingdeath74 November 10, 2007
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Pulling a Murphy is when you try to spit MAD game to all the "hunnies" but get turned down by just about everyone, and everything. Also could be shaking your hands wildly in the air, trying to put emphasis on your retarded point of a "story". Or, you could be pulling a Murphy if you are easily convinced by three drunk males that you're an attractive female, therefor admitting you have an abnormally small penis.
Examples of Pulling a Murphy are as following.

1. Worst Pick-up Line- "Hey!....Nice hoodie."
2. Drinking one can of beer the entire night.
3. Being dumb enough to let your friends kick you out of your own car and then drive away, leaving you in the cold.
4. Wanting to meet an imaginary girl named Thelma.
5. Getting kicked out of college for having drugs laying out in your dorm room.
6. In Beer Pong- "Can I have the Power-I? No wait, give me the little Murphy!"
by Screaming In Silence January 19, 2008
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