1. To state a lie as the truth.
2. Creating new definitions in your mind so you can always tell the whole truth about anything all of the time.
3. To tell an old truth and make it sound like a new truth.
4. Telling your spouse, your parents or a court that you didn't have sex (because even though you did, it was not sex by your secret personal definition).
ALSO: pulling a clinton, pulled a clinton
Example 1:
GUY1: I don't feel like goin' to work today.
GUY2: If you don't want to stay home, just pull a clinton.
GUY1: What's that?
GUY2: Call in and tell them you "'re" throwing up all over the place and feeling really sick.
GUY1: But I feel fine.
GUY2: But you really "were" sick and throwing up all over the place last Friday night! Right?
GUY1: Oh, just tell 'em the truth but nothing else.
GUY2: Spot on!

Example 2:
Wow, Hillary really pulled a great clinton with that uninsured Ohio lady "story" last week.

Exapmle 3:
GUY IN COURT: I didn't have ... sex ... with that woman .... (((guy in court just thinking to himself: well we didn't go all the way anyhow ... guess I'm pulling a Clinton)))
by M--B April 10, 2008
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To get off the hook for something everyone knows you did.
To pull a clinton, for example, "I can't beleive I got off the hook for stealing office supplies, I've pulled a Clinton."
by onlevel.blogspot February 3, 2009
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To hide an email, or any other kind of server in your bathroom and delete evidence from it when you know the FBI will be kicking in your door with a search warrant any second.
1. Don't pull a Clinton.
by Buttfuckme March 27, 2018
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To puff on a joint, but not inhale.
Man, I was way too stoned already, so when it came back around I just had to pull a Clinton.
by comradem01 February 12, 2009
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A scenario when everything is going your way, but you manage to fuck up the very last minute.
Person 1:"Bob was certain he was about to win the marathon. But then he died of a heart attack, right before the finish line"
Person 2: "Nigga pulled a Clinton"
by BitchAssFggtRekt November 25, 2016
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(V) 1. Fucking up bad. Tantamount to having a huge lead and somehow blowing it (no pun intended).
2. Refers to Hillary Clinton's loss of a 20 point National Lead to competitor Barack Obama, costing her--most likely--the Democratic Nominee.

aka: Pulling a Hillary
Abe: Zach, you suck at basketball
Zach: Fuck you dude, you know had that thing locked-in 10-5 until I started pulling a Clinton and let you score 6 points in a row.

Zach: Did you hear about Sleek?
Jeff: No, what happened?
Zach: Sleek just totaled his car and is currently indicted
Jeff: Oh, shit! I thought he had a new job and was finally straighting out; he just pulled a fat Clinton at life.
by Thizzmasta707 February 12, 2008
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To claim an untruth... something that Never happened...

1.) Clinton: We ran from gun fire in Bosina

2.) Bob: I ran from the po-po Friday...

Fred: Dude, don't pull a "Clinton", thats totally Uncool, we all know you were at home watching innapropriate movies...

by Cynthia_1393 August 29, 2008
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