to make plans and cancel them without informing any of the involved parties, accompanied by refusal to any means of communication preceding and during the time frame in which the plans should have partook; typically followed by a number of excuses the next day.
He's supposed to be at my party right now but no one can get a hold of him; I think he's trying to pull a charles.
by Amain August 8, 2008
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knocking over tiles or not abiding to the rules of mahjong
charles gtfo if u dont stop pulling a charles

u pulled a charles like 5 times in the last 10 seconds
by mctp11a May 1, 2010
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To spend gems for oils in Azur Lane

(Credits to Torruki)
"Dude I'm out of oils, should I do it?"
by Lost_SkyZ February 27, 2022
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To date a straight man. Used by bi and gay guys.
Oop girl I'mma have to pull a James Charles because he is cuteeeee.
by issaurbankid December 15, 2018
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