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When a person palm strikes another person in the face out of anger or annoyance. This resembles turning one's face into that of a Pug (a type of dog) where physical features of the face have been flattened out as if one was hit by a frying pan.

This is different from a facepalm, where one would hit their own face with their own hand in frustration.
Guy 1: "Ughhh!!! My life SUCKS!!! I'm failing all of my classes this semester!!!"

Guy 2: "Shut up, you never even take notes or anything..."

Guy 1: "Yeah but at least I'm there every day to listen."

Guy 2: "Stop bitching, you play fricking computer games all class. Just stfu!"

Guy 1 gets *PUG FACED* by Guy 2
by azn_ninja April 07, 2010
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1. A facial expression pertaining to grumpiness or seriousness.
2. A person who is grumpy or in a foul mood.
You are such a pug face!
by Evelyn Ballintine May 07, 2008
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Pug-Face: One that resembles a Pug and has a face that looks smashed inward.
"I don't know why that dude thinks he's the shit, he's got a pug-face and shitty attitude."

"My Tinder date put up Photoshop pictures, and really turned out to have a Pug-Face, so I left."

"I love my Pug-Face, I don't need a mask!
"I love a Pug with a Pug-Face!"
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by shaggyjinx March 17, 2017
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a girl with large eyes that are close together, an oily forehead and ugly shoulder length hair. also loves "breathy" christian acoustic rock.
my god, the reflection off of pugface's natural oils are hurting my eyes!
by nicholas March 30, 2005
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