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When a person palm strikes another person in the face out of anger or annoyance. This resembles turning one's face into that of a Pug (a type of dog) where physical features of the face have been flattened out as if one was hit by a frying pan.

This is different from a facepalm, where one would hit their own face with their own hand in frustration.
Guy 1: "Ughhh!!! My life SUCKS!!! I'm failing all of my classes this semester!!!"

Guy 2: "Shut up, you never even take notes or anything..."

Guy 1: "Yeah but at least I'm there every day to listen."

Guy 2: "Stop bitching, you play fricking computer games all class. Just stfu!"

Guy 1 gets *PUG FACED* by Guy 2
by azn_ninja April 07, 2010

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Founded in late February of 2009 by Edwardl, this church is dedicated to sharing all things that appeal to blonds and blonds-alike, and is also known under the acronym PCBT.

The church is also known to celebrate honourary members (those that are not blonde, but definitely act like so), with the first honourary member being announced near the beginning of March 2009. It is also possible that an honourary member can have a lifetime membership to the group, if that person shows consistent blond behaviour.

Weekly newsletters are regularly sent out to members and honourary members to remind them of the week's coming events and recap previous events that occurred in the past week, as well as provide helpful memos, TV show synopses, useful accessories and gadgets, health tips, and a joke of the week.
blonde girl from Pink Church of Blonde Things: *in a confident voice* "C-A-O, THAT'S how you spell cow!"

Blonde girl #1: Did you read this week's PCBT newsletter?
Blonde girl #2: OMG YES!!! I can't BELIEVE that in Gossip Girl, Chuck is going to ask Carter for help!
by azn_ninja April 09, 2009

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When a person's life is defined by what time it is.

These people work in extremely structured intervals and never waste time. One may wonder what will become of them if a large-scale worldwide catastrophe were to occur. Their agenda and a clock are their best friends, leaving little room for an actual social life.

It is a well-known fact that most college/university students live their lives like this, making campus a very depressing place to be.
There is a definitive line between being a clock zombie, and having 1-2 weeks of hardcore study sessions berore a test.
girl: "Hey, wanna go out tonight?"

guy: "Sorry, can't... I have to study for roman civilization for the midterm."

girl: "Isn't that midterm like, 4 weeks from now? Wow, you're such a clock zombie."
by azn_ninja November 13, 2009

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