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Kind of like farting in the bath and producing the bubbles, but in the shower. Basically if you need a fart in the shower, have your back facing the shower, cup your hand over your ass crack and let water dribble into it. Let the fart rip, enjoy the sensation of a hand contained bubble.
Grandpa - "enjoy the puddle farts while you still can boy, last time i tried it grandma spent the week cleaning up shit from the shower."
by Richy Mac January 18, 2008
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When someone pounds it hard and when the penis pulls out it breathes heavily like the sound of an elephant trunk
He ramed me so hard on the bed. When i rolled over off the bed all i heard was a loud Puddle fart it was heavy wind with extreme pressure that i couldnt control 💨
by Queef_Daddy_Master January 29, 2017
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