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1) A last resort to excrete bodily waste in a desperate situation.
2) A great way to meet singles, as there are always phone numbers written inside the stalls of the public bathroom.
3) A fun but risky location to fuck.

fuck online dating and all that shit, a hot chick left her phone # in a public bathroom, we hooked up and fucked in that very stall.
by the dip July 04, 2006
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Where senators go to end their careers.
The senator was reported to have had a wide stance in a public bathroom a.k.a. He's gay.
by Scyfersythe October 03, 2007
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1.A completely wet room located in stores. All the stalls' doors are bashed in like Jean Claude Van Damme was in there. The most disgusting things are written in there. And there is always a girls phone number on the wall.

2.A six foot tall guy in a bunny suit
by mIKE mURRAY is gay October 15, 2003
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Only used for desperate measures. From the outside it looks pleasant, but one foot in(or one nostril in) and a tidal wave of smells enter your respiratory system causing years and years of emotional and physical trauma to the lungs, gasping for air. Every door to every stall is broken, with either a lock that doesn't close all the way, or a lock that is so covered in grime so when the door is closed you're afraid of being locked in forever. Every toilet has some form of shit or piss stain on the toilet seat, so ladies, prepare for squats. The sinks are always automatic, so they either never work or they stop after running for two seconds. Also, the soap resembles that common smell of hospital soap. Who doesn't love smelling like that? Lastly, 99% of the time the paper towel holders are empty, so you're only option is using the dryer that pumps out mouthfuls of air while still managing to sound like a 42 ton truck driving at full speed.
I'm a mother of five children and I need to take a piss, oh goody a public bathroom!
by stumpytrumpy101 September 07, 2016
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(Worse than hell)
Gaad Daim, it smellz liek yur mohmma in hear!
by I luv dubya March 05, 2005
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