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A somewhat derrogatory term for people from India or their decendents.
Tanmaya and Chinmaya are pubars with tradtional pubari names.

Use is sometimes analagous to the "N" word. When used by whites, especially the English, the term is very offensive to Indians. However, when used among Indians the term is an expression of friendship and brotherhood. Examples include, "Hey, what's up Pubar?"; "Yo, Pubs (pronounced pooh-bs)"; "You're my pubar, son."
by K'we'fil's[!] November 22, 2006
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A variation of the term FUBAR. Instead of Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, its Pumped Up Beyond All Recognition.
Making plans for our surfing trip has got me PUBAR!
by Joe Geronimo July 12, 2013
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