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a pub-sub is probabaly the best thing to happen to is relatively large,usually a foot long,filled with mayo,cheese,turkey,veggies and some more is extremely fatning,having almost as much calories as its competitor,sweet and sour chicken.if you manage to eat a whole pub sub,you might not shit for 3 weeks.when a person eats a pub sub,they tend to drop the toppings,creating what is known as ''pub salad''.it is cheap for its size,only 8 bucks to feed a whole family,but usually people get theyre own,which damages theyre entire body.they are relatively easy to steal,because they only use a gay sticker to seal it,and it can be ripped off easily.side effects of pub sub is broken pants,upset stomach,constipation,throwing up,and even death.people tend to fast after pub and detox,but fat ppl just eat chineese food after.also,people watch american idol after pubsub to make them feel like a member of society again.
johny ate a pub-sub,and died of stomach cancer that night.
by morbidmike May 04, 2007
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