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A person that tends to have good games in a public match, but when it comes to competing in gamebattles or other competitive gaming, these pub stars have no chance against people with true skill at a game. They tend to talk a lot of trash because of them being at the top of the list in public games. If they are on gamebattles, you will probably see them with a low GB rank and/or on a bad team.
GB Expert: Wow Evan is such a pub star. All he does is run around with the AA-12 FMJ.

Me: I agree. We aren't letting this scrub on our gamebattles team.

GB Expert: For sure.
by watch out for wolves August 03, 2010
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Player who is the "star" in a public server of an online game. Frequently has highest score and best killratio.
Fred: Damn, that guy killed my entire team, THRICE!
Jack: Yep, he's a pubstar.

Clan_Guy: That pubstar just noobified my entire clan.
by Don Zardeone August 01, 2009
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Someone who does well or semi-decent on a public server but really sucks when it comes to match time and they choke or do crappy. Also tend to talk a lot of shit.
Silencer: Have a medal, pubstar.
by tehsilencer November 04, 2005
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One who pwns noobies in a public cs server, but may also be skilled in the art of competitive gaming.
rofl, you're such a pubstar.
by cs4lyfe December 18, 2005
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A person playing a video game that only plays public matches and thinks they are good. Person that will not go on to gamebattles and find real compotition. Usally use noob weapnos such as mp40 and noob tubes. They are usally BK scrandoms.
Keith went 30-4 in a public match with mp40 he is such a pub star
by i am god1945 August 17, 2009
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...a place where gamers can find all the latest scrims, tourneys, mods, news, rumors and leaked game content here. Loyal, dedicated, respectful, skilled, serious members who can have fun!
...pubstargaming is the coolest place for mods on MW2.
by PuBSTaR GaMiNG June 06, 2010
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