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Adjective which fuses the words psychopathic and pathetic, describing behaviors or certain acts which are defined by society both as lacking empathy towards the rest of mankind, and inspiring mixed contempt and pity.
That girl goes through boyfriends the way a chain smoker goes through cigarettes-- it's kind of psychopathetic.
by Calire December 11, 2007
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adjective meaning something is totally crazy, but at the same time sad.
Person 1: Did you hear about how Sally spray painted "I love you" all over David's car after he rejected her for the fourth time?

Person 2: Wow, that's really psychopathetic.
by i_want_an_iphone May 18, 2009
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Psychopathetic. Adjective. A combination of the words, psychopath and pathetic, describes a person exhibiting a chronic mental disorder with abnormal social behavior whom few can sympathize with because his or her efforts to sway one are altogether lame.
Trump's psychopathetic lies repeatedly demonstrate how little he's fooling anyone.
by MrSmith77 December 27, 2018
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seeking attention from some one using pathetic means and being slightly or alot psychopathic about it.

(it also sounds like psychopathic... clever)
a couple breaks up and the girl does everything to get the boys attention... ie she spends time with him to keep him away from new girls... etc... she is psychopathetic

by katyhmmmm January 21, 2007
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When a chick (usually a prep or scenster) pretends to be all crazy so people will think they're all cute and random. They only end up looking like total losers.
Prep A: lollll lyk i no, i'm so crzyyyyyy, babayyyyy!
Prep B: omggggg... no wai ur as crzyyyyyyyy as i ammmm!

Not a prep: Psychopathetic bitches
by Mistress Mabel July 10, 2008
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A phrase used by most people to describe someone who just sucks at being a psycho... in other words some one who makes a lame attempt at being crazy...
"Andi, thats just such a psycho pathetic attempt"
by az242526 April 16, 2010
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