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1.Term used to describe an elderly person with an extremely wrinkled face, most often employed when said person is of a nasty disposition.

2. A villain with a wrinkled face, from the old Dick Tracy comic strip.
That old pruneface nextdoor ought to mind her own business.
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
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Like when your fingers weinkle in the bath, your face shrivels when you just got a facial ;)
I gave my gf a real prune face last night
by Lusciously licks you June 10, 2019
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when something is so epic the only trim that come s to mind is pruneface.
yo u got all pruneface at capcom the other night that you went all pruneface on them.
by darkdance January 04, 2011
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The pompous gigolo John Kerry, noted for his wrinkly, albeit botoxed features.
The French looking prune face picked the Breck Girl as his running mate.
by octopod July 06, 2004
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