1.Term used to describe an elderly person with an extremely wrinkled face, most often employed when said person is of a nasty disposition.

2. A villain with a wrinkled face, from the old Dick Tracy comic strip.
That old pruneface nextdoor ought to mind her own business.
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
when something is so epic the only trim that come s to mind is pruneface.
yo u got all pruneface at capcom the other night that you went all pruneface on them.
by darkdance January 4, 2011
When you discover that someone has defriended you from their circle at an online social nework, you have "got prunefaced." The term has two linguistic derivations:

1. You have been "pruned" from a "facebook," leading to the compound word prunefaced.

2. Upon discovery of the event, you are likely to make a decidedly unattractive and very scrunched-up face, which expresses both your scorn and distaste at having been cast aside.
Examples of Usage:

"I got all kinds of prunefaced in 2011, but you know what? I don't miss any of those losers now. True story."

"That girl got so prunefaced, nobody was talking to her. Her chat windows were 100% empty, she had to call people to apologize over the PHONE. LIKE IT WAS THE 1990s!"
by betterthantelevision January 25, 2012