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a bluish-green color
"Hey, what's your favorite color?"
"Oh, haven't heard of that, is it like some purplish brown?"
"No, it's a bluish-green, duh!"
by Kathbad April 17, 2009
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To "own" somebody in the style of a pro, especially in an online game.
I love to prown these n00bs.
by Character Cool September 04, 2005
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A facial expression of someone who tries to pretend they are happy, but are actually sad. A prown may happen when one loses a race and everyone is congratulating them, even though they know they've let the team down. It is put together by the words, frown and proud.
Guy1: Hey nice race there Guy2, too bad you came last.
Guy2: *prowns* yeah, I'm glad I ended up doing it.
by Santaman May 14, 2011
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