An adjective describing those of the female gender, who, at a young age, feel it necessary to dress like a slut! they may be cute, but be wary, they tend to grow up to have STDs.
Chris: hey justin, do you think those girls are hott?
Justin: dude those girls are like eight years old, they're so prosticute. Chris, it's important that you understand that short skirts do not meen mature.
Chris: Dude...you just said prosticute.
Emily and Mary and Casey: Hey boys!
Chris and Justin: Yup, definitely prosticute.
by ETOWNS April 27, 2006
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(n.) 1. someone who looks, dresses, or acts like a prostitute, but has some redeeming quality in dress, appearance, or behavior that is incongruent with the traditional definition of the word.
2. someone who resembles, but is somehow classier than a prostitute/whore.
3. Jackie Onassis on VH1's Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
4. The Bachelor/Bachelorette

(adj.)1. something that is almost entirely, but not totally, whorish, trashy, cheap, or otherwise descriptive of the lifestyle, behavior, and/or appearance of a prostitute.

(v.) 1. to act in a way that is nearly, but not completely classified as that of a prostitute.
2. to bring an element of class to an otherwise trashy behavior or situation.
1. "I heard my ex-boyfriend brought the whore he's dating to the party last weekend."

"Well, she wasn't as much a whore as she was a prosticute. She was walking around naked at the party offering guys blow jobs in exchange for a line, but she strutted an orgasmic pair of Christian Louboutin's in the process."

2. "I couldn't totally commit to the party's 'White Trash Bash' theme, so I bought a prosticutish outfit to wear. It's my feeble attempt making trashy classy enough that it's bearable."

3. "Since my conscience is being obstinate and refuses to allow me to be a total whore, I am prosticuting the temptation: I can sleep with whomever I want, as long as they buy me dinner first."
by emilybronte July 21, 2010
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