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Victor Darnell Hadnot (August 17, 1954) is an African American mainstream, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, and Christian Science Fiction writer.

Best known for his theatrical play/novel Herodian and Archibald Gardener: The Sparks Fly Upward, Victor Darnell Hadnot is widely considered one of the up and coming, prolific African American writers of Christian Science Fiction of the 21st century.

Victor Darnell Hadnot's popularity has been increased by various adaptations of his work, Herodian and Archibald Gardener, with various local plays of Herodian, being done in different locations across the nation and in foreign countries.
Victor Darnell Hadnot:
Some of his recent works include:
1. Eontimeoc

2. The Spice Merchants of Riner

3. Behold the Face of God

4. Archibald Gardener: The Sparks Fly Upward

5. Herodian

6. The Horns of the Unicorns

7. The Wheels of God

8. Praise Faith to God’s Glory

9. Dios Sueno Maquina (God’s Dream Machine)

10. Candy Harlow: Space Detective

11. Martian Amish

12. I am Susan
by Nancy Talbot, Literary Editor January 08, 2010
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