Catchphrase by UK garage sensation CRAIG DAVID (from Bo Selecta) meaning very good.
"I've got nothing against gays. Me best mates a gay, and he's black, and he's in a wheelchair, and he wears a turbine, in fact he's every minority you can think of and I think he's proper bo."
by MikeDX December 3, 2004
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The exact transaltion is very good or really good
"I just won the lottery, proper bo"
by ashman November 23, 2003
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something that is very good/exciting/fun/cool. invented by none other than the 'real' craige david.
"thats proper bo i tell thee" - craige david
"mmmmmmmmmm hmmm mmmmmm mmmm SHARON!"
by craig david June 24, 2003
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T14 Person: Propa Bo! :D
Sergio: o_O
Sergio: YEAH! PROPA!!
by Skittletonius December 30, 2004
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1) telling somebody about something "cool" or "rad"
2) means its really good, i'm telling you"
3) verbal content used by craig david himself
thats proper bo i tell thee
by botaf November 11, 2003
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Avid merrion famous phrase which is saying "really good i tell you"
"that hamburgers Proper Of The hook I Tell Thee"
by christine elliott February 27, 2005
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