When someone is SO noob, he's pro at being noob.
OMG! Jezus Christ you are a so pronoob!
by GNiels June 26, 2007
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Counter strike (csgo) player who after losing a couple of rounds starts having a go at everyone on his/her team as if they were in the playoffs of some massive competition and he's the only pro player among a team of n00bs who had been paid by him personally to win the game. Usually just good enough at the game to get some kills, sometimes by playing super lame and hiding in bad places and "saving" his weapon - I dropped the his/her because its ALWAYS a guy.

Also he knows everything you're doing wrong in any situation (with the benefit of hindsight) and MUST point it out to you while berating you as the "the worst player i've ever seen" because "any idiot could see that coming" and sometimes he even hopes you "get cancer and die you faggot"....

He lives at home with his mother and his room smells like piss. Has never looked anyone in the eye.
Oh god not another pronoob CS player, this game is going to drag in, someone vote me off please??
by m00nlightsh4d0w May 14, 2015
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Someone who is usually so high level in a video game, that you'd think they were pro.

They can at times seem to be pro, but they are not.
*High level makes some epic maneuvers in the helicopter then crashes it into a wall.*
Other players who were in the helicopter: Such a pronoob.
by Tyjuji March 10, 2012
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