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Proj ('prä-"j) n.
Projing ('präj-ng) v.

Etymology: Truncated from project

A peculiar behavior pattern which can occur when an individual is on one
The behavior pattern typical consists of the individual becoming enamored by and then totally consumed with a task or activity with such a level of intensity that the individual is completely oblivious to the passage of time. The awareness of anybody or anything outside of the individual’s narrow cone of intense focus is also displaced. A good proj will hold the individual's attention as hostage, continuing uninterrupted for several days.

However, the most peculiar nature of projing is the fact the task/activity that the individual becomes captivated by is almost always of little significance and/or value, often being of a very menial or trivial nature. A common characteristic of projing is where the individual becomes stuck or chained to a specific task or chore, often repeating it numerous times, for no apparent reason other than each repetition was a slight improvement over the last one.

Now you know why your neighbor always seems to be doing her housework well past 3am.

In the rare instances where an individual manages to begin projing on something of merit or of potential benefit, more often than not, the individual will become allured by, and then totally consumed with a more trivial activity and thus never ends up complet.....
"I'm so screwed, I was suposed to have this assignment done by today, but I ended up projing on a website all last night instead!"
by [)0< September 18, 2005
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word meaning sexy, hot, cool.... etc
o wow that girl is pretty proj! bannika is a pretty proj name
by kenya23 January 19, 2008
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1. supporter of OJ simpson
2. one who has grown tired of the money hungry Fred Goldman and his skinny daughter
Tom: Do you believe this OJ guy.. running around Vegas like he didn't slice necks back in '94.. he should be out looking for "the real killers, not playing golf''

Bill: uhh, yeah dude.. I'm pro-j

Tom: oh, uhh sorry bout that.
by killerc September 17, 2007
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