a phrase best used at the beach right after some dramatic event. watching the sand slip out of your hand. It's just sands of time. what else is there to say.
"that was serious sands of time."
by daaavid June 27, 2006
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Sand time is a term used when time is in an hourglass. This term can also be used to represent when you feel like time is indecisive.
"what time is it?" ... "I don't know let me check my sand time."

"What time do you want to meet up at?".... " I don't know it's a sand time."
by Imsuperhot June 13, 2022
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The mark a certain individual leaves on another’s life .

A positive imprint in their story.

A sign to start living and leave a legacy
“He left his footprint in the sands of time
footprints on the sands of time

leaving a mark on history
by shut it pal1 June 28, 2022
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