ugly, god awful piece of shit that should rot in the bottom of a hippopotamus' arse
prince charles definiton; pigfaced manwhore
"i want to run over prince charles of wales with a motorcycle multiple times"
"i hope prince charles shit glass and wash his ass with alcohol"
by anneboleyn61 December 7, 2021
A paedophile.

The term stems from the statistically remarkable number of convicted child sex-offenders among the servants, friends and acquaintances of a certain member of the British Royal Family.
"Of course people had been saying for years that Savile was 'a friend of Prince Charles', so it's not like it was a huge secret or anything."
by Beezus Fuffoon September 19, 2018
The act or desire of inserting oneself fully into a woman's vagina, much like a tampon, presumably head-first.
Allegedly in reference to the wire-tap tapes of phone sex between Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowle, in which he was said to express a desire to "be her tampon", and wanted to climb inside her vagina.
Phrase is attributed to William Gibson, Canadian author of "Mona Lisa Overdrive" and "Neuromancer".
Baby.. you so hot... i want to give you a full Prince Charles... you know, I want to be like your tampon and be all inside your vagina.
by JackKetch April 7, 2011