Time of day that defines the ambiguous time between afternoon and evening.
'What are you doing tomorrow prevening?'
'Tomorrow is Saturday so I will be spending the prevening presorting and presoaking."
by Scheb Nheel May 26, 2010
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That time in the afternoon where it is still afternoon but starts to feel like evening because you start to think about dinner. I.E. beginning at 4pm. Prevening runs between 4pm and 6pm.
"Well it's now 4pm, time to start thinkin about dinner. It's prevening now."

"It's 6pm, prevening is over, it's now evening."
by repeal1968guncontrolact July 19, 2012
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The time of day in between afternoon and evening, usually when dinner is served. Like 5:00 o'clock bro.
Do you want to be cool during prevening, Bro?
by Shaq Diesel47 July 19, 2014
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A mixed person who has a gay Afro and sucks at sports, loves to play croquet, and is mistaken very often for being homosexual
I went to the bar last night and I swear there were prevens everywhere!
by Bigdaddycaden February 22, 2016
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The time after afternoon and before evening; 4pm-6pm
I'm coming home this prevening, we should meet up for dinner!
by skwashington November 20, 2015
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