potentially any association of people with a common set of goals, who are politically active as such. However, pressure groups are usually understood to be more grassroots and issue-oriented, rather than interest-oriented (so they are not quite the same as a lobby). Hence, pressure groups are likely to include groups opposed to human rights violations and neighborhood "renewal" projects.
The London-based pressure group, Survival International, called on oil companies to immediately withdraw from Peru, describing the incident as "the Amazon's Tiananmen" and accusing security forces, who have since imposed a curfew over the region, of burying and burning corpses to hide the scale of the killing.

"Peruvian Indians are being driven to desperate measures to try to save their lands which have been stolen from them for five centuries," said the director of Survival, Stephen Corry. "This is the Amazon's Tiananmen. If it finishes the same way, it will also end Peru's international reputation."

M@RCONECTADO, "The jungle massacre: Peru's tribal chief flees country" (11 June 2009)
by Abu Yahya June 12, 2009
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When a group of people persuades an individual to do something very immoral like painting his pants with an extremely odd pattern, run into a crowd of black people and jews and scream "SIEG HEIL" and so on.
The group often laughs at the individual when he or she does these immoral things. Group pressure can be an awesome way of killing time.
Mike and Dan convinced Daniel that its awesome to put 10 different hairgels of very poor quality in the hair. Daniel did this and Mike and Dan hade a good laugh!

Excellent example of pure Group pressure, peer.
by blackybloke March 7, 2009
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The desire not to be left out when a group of friends decide to take a pee break at the public toilets.
Yeah, I didn't need to go, but I didn't want to miss out on all that gossip, so I gave in to pee group pressure and pretended I had to go as well.
by Traveltext August 18, 2008
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People on your own level giving encouragement to do something immoral, with the threat of being ostracized if one fails to comply.
Always give in to peer group pressure
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 15, 2004
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