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a non specific email or text message telling you to expect an email.
Kirk premailed me about a message from Edmund, but I was already sitting at my desk, so what was the point?
by DarthTod August 19, 2008
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A forwarded email that shows a time stamp of the forward before the original email's send time, usually a result of server delays or time synchronization issues due to poor quality HP Proliant Servers. First observed by the Power Horse himself on 1/21/2008 on the OST team.
Forwarded: 3:10pm
(original message) Sent: 3:14pm

The Powerhorse: Oh look, we received it before it actually got sent to us!

The Powerhorse Jr.: That's pre-mail.

The Powerhorse: Thank you, HP Proliant Servers! You're the best! Way to go, accuracy! I love peanut butter chocolate Kashi bars. Have a good one!
by Powerhorse II January 21, 2008
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