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The state of being extremely skinny to the point of being nearly anorexic when pregnant.

This trend became popular after startling images of Nicole Kidman and Nicole Richie surfaced, as they both looked as if they gained only the weight of their babies...

But in their desire to remain on the fashion radar, pregorexics risk their health and that of their unborn child.

It's a phenomenon that's being fuelled by the growth in designer pregnancy wear.

This "state of being" has a name that belongs to one of many buzzwords that make a serious deadly illness sound totally trendy
Milla: Did you see those pictures of angelina holding those babies?
Christina: I did! Does she EVER eat?
Milla: probably not, she has been diagnosed with pregorexia
Christina: I bet you're jealous...
by g-diggity August 15, 2008
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women who get so obsessed with keeping their weight in check while pregnant that they go overboard on dieting and exercise and put their baby's health at some risk.
And some of those women may get started on the path to "pregorexia" by images of celebrities who look thin while pregnant and immediately after giving birth, observers agree.
by Alvin Lee jr August 14, 2008
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