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If you are a Pranvera,you've got to take a lot of responsibility! You will find the man of your dream and be with them for many years to come. Some Pranvera's can be really overprotective and worry over tiny little things. Pranvera's are always good girls and a mummy's girl and always listen to your mum. A Pranvera would be in school everyday and have a good education and focus well on lessons and then forget everything when they are older. They would never miss a day of school and housework. If you do one little naughty thing,that's it! You can't go to your friend's house on Saturday! You can't hang out with friends until you learn to be good! Literally,just over a tiny little thing! A Pranvera is quite nosy and always checks through your iPhone or iPad. A Pranvera is Albanian and a female and a name for middle-aged people. If you come across a Pranvera,they will be really nice to you.
You can stress over little tiny things by being a Pranvera!
by blertsxo March 10, 2017
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