The feeling of anger you get when you've had a really unproductive day and want to get something done. Can also refer to when you get into an aggressively productive mood.
"Wow, I've slept in and done nothing today, and my essay's due tomorrow. I'm so prangry!"

"Look at that guy rip through that textbook, he's so prangry."
by Willhelm94 March 04, 2015
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A dangerous level of hunger that occurs in pregnant women, turning them into an angry force that you do not want to encounter.

Pregnant-Angry-Hungry i.e.- Prangry
When approached by a woman in the state of Prangry itโ€™s best to find food immediately!
When I came home, my wife was so prangry I thought she would eat the cat if I didnโ€™t get food.
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by Babyโ€™s hungry August 24, 2018
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