When you have to go poop so bad that it keeps coming partially out and you suck it back in to avoid messing your pants. This usually happens on a long trip, or when you can't get to a bathroom, or when it would be socially inappropriate to take a dump.
"I had to take a crap so bad I was prairiedogging like like a whackamole!" Or....."Me and Cheryl were out on a date and I had to take a crap so bad I was prairiedogging!"
by Frootilicious January 22, 2008
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when one is holding in a #2 but they have to go so bad that the head of the fecal clump starts poping in and out of the anus as the person nearly shits themselves. much like a prairie dogs head poping in and out of its hole
yo man pull over. i cant make it to the gas station.

come on you pussy

no man seriously. im prairiedogging it.

shit man well im pullin over now, hold on. everything will be ok.
by p$303 May 25, 2009
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when you have to yhite so bad that it is literally coming out of your asshole, a common mishap for a comedian before they go on stage in Armagh
"This is great content right now, there is a shit prairiedogging out of my ass"
by prairiedogging December 30, 2022
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1. a cute furry animal

2. that little bit of turd that sticks out and pops back in when your really gotta take a shit . . . pardon me . . . leave a shit.
1. Oh my god! Did you see that prariedog?

2. Oh my god! Did you smell that prariedog?
by Lucipher's right hand man October 22, 2004
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