Watching several episodes of a TV show in a row, usually from a DVD box set. This can be done over several evenings, or a marathon weekend.
I missed the first three seasons of Mad Men, so I spent the past two weekends powerdisking all the episodes in order to be up to date for the premiere of season four later this month.
by Chris.G July 6, 2010
Watching not just multiple episodes of the same show in a row, but the ENTIRE SERIES in a very short period of time. This is especially done before the show's finale, in order to catch up quickly before the conclusion.
Dude #1: "Dude, are you ready for the season finale of LOST?"

Dude #2: "No, I've never watched that show."

Dude #1: "Oh man, you gotta catch up! This will require some ultimate powerdisking!!"
by JayGayle August 10, 2010
Watching multiple episodes of a TV show in a row on the internet. This can take place over several days or all at once.
I never saw the TV show LOST, but now that all of the episodes are on Hulu I spent all last week digital powerdisking the first season.
by Remilo33 August 14, 2010