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a person too gay to be a fag so he it is power fag . He usually wears tight pants and flails around like a fairy
hey you know jeremy" "aww you mean that power fag
by jeremy heffellump October 20, 2010
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v. - To smoke a cigarette extremely fast, for fear of being caught by parents, teachers, siblings, or any other authorative figure.
I think I might have to powerfag this one. My dad was supposed to be home ten minutes ago.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004
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1. to be extrememly gay.
2. to an extent of supreme gayness
3. someone who is rly gay
leslie look like a powerfag
by ali forrest March 08, 2008
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super rude assholes who think they are pretty
1)Hey did you go the show at WinnersCircle?
All the powerfags were 2stepping, I couldnt get my broxmosh in.
3)I hate those fuckin powerfag lakeland kids.
by kandrea October 02, 2005
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