When a team is winning, by a lot, they run a play allowing the big guys, who normally never get a chance to run the ball, to run the ball in for a touchdown.

The play is normally developed on the fly, and is done, not to score points, but to put on a great show for the fans, and in high school ball, to give the guys who have never held the ball a great story to tell.
Yeah, we were winning 56 to 7 at the half, so we put our defensive tackle in to run the ball. When he got it, our defensive ends ran with him. I swear to God the ground was shaking as they ran down the field. It really was a thousand pound touchdown.
by John_Mason January 9, 2012
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When a single man is offered a pair of used jeans that should fit and he discovers they don't. This discovery prompts the individual to lose forty pounds over a pre-determined period of time, thus beginning the forty pound challenge.
Austin: Hey Ace, try on these pants, if they don't fit I'm gonna toss them.

Ace: Damn, these are way too tight. They would have fit a few years ago, I guess it's time to start a forty pound challenge.
by Tarbargain January 14, 2014
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When a man pegs his lady friend, and then goes to town on that labia majora.
I saw Dopey last night and had a pound of bacon with a side of sausage.
by AmSchem June 16, 2017
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Referring to a man who crushes Jeeters with his 12 pounder.

Someone who can talk anyone out of their stash or their pants without trying.
by Damage157 October 11, 2022
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