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the scariest non-mammal to walk planet earth. this creature mostly lives underground, but emerges when it feels the need to wreak havoc (emphasis on the word reek). will scare the living daylights out of you if you ever come in contact with it. this shit is straight up trippin.
i just saw a potato bug and i think i shit my pants.
by D.Pizzy November 13, 2006
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1) A little bug that rolls in on itself when threatened. Kind of cute. It is a conscientious objector - it only defends itself.

2) Also, people have been known to refer to other people by this name - it's crazy, I know.
1) Aw, look. When I blew on that lil' potato bug, it rolled in on itself.

2) (person referring to another person) You're a potato bug.
by IspyAbass September 16, 2009
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