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A short name for "Potassium". Usually used as a short form when referring to a Potassium-like person (Potassium meaning a spammer).
"Get off my Youtube Profile, Potass"
"Stop being such a douche, you Potass"
"Seriously, saying stuff like that is really bad and someone like you will be labeled as a Potass impersonator"
by ilovePCs March 09, 2009
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derived from element "Potassium"
used in verb tense "tass" or "tassin'"
means shear awesomeness and can be used when talking about anything related softball or being good at softball. (eg softball battle cry)
to have maximum "tass" consume a banana daily.
"tass it up."

*Jade hits a grand slam during a softball game*
Victoria: Nice grand slam Jade.
Jade & Victoria: POTASS!
by maryana lyn francis August 16, 2011
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