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1. In boxing, a punch thrown at an unexpected time intended to take advantage of an opponent's unpreparedness. Often occurs during a clinch.
Mike Tyson (post-fight interview): "People think the way to beat me is to grab, pot shot, and hold me."
by Dean Corso August 11, 2010
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Two definitions

1. n. A very crazy shot, usually not aimed.

2. n. A quick lighting up of a joint before you leave.
1. He took a potshot, easily missing the barrel.

2. Before he left, Jerry took a pot shot to mellow down.
by dougie3 June 08, 2007
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A contentious remark or statement. Often erroneous and/or irrelevant, too.
Glenn Beck's uninformed attempts at liberal-bashing are nothing but a series of potshots.
by The Real Marjoe Gortner December 28, 2009
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THC in cannabis extracted with high-proof alcohol and served in shot glasses. May also be prepared with weed cooking oil if alcohol is not desired. Get ready for an awesome night!
Those strawberry pot shots kicked my ass.
by Sublyme November 28, 2011
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When you fart on the toilet and it makes a loud echoing noise.
"That public bathroom was gross, the guy next to me was making the loudest pot shots"
by veenerfas March 16, 2016
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3. In a hockey fight, a player throws a punch after the ref has already stepped in.
Rick Jeanneret spewing forth: "McCreary (the ref) has stepped in, but Carsillo just took a pot-shot at Myers."
by The Real Marjoe Gortner December 16, 2009
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The difficult art of jizzing in somebody's face when the lights are out.

Extra points are awarded if the result is still there when they wake up.

It is called a potshot because darkness causes inaccuracy in most cases
*Wakes up*
"Who the fuck has potshotted me?!"
by Steddaz October 19, 2006
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