To post on message boards for the sake of posting, to post useless things to raise your post count.
"Please stop postwhoring, posting 'lolz' is not constructive to these forums."
by Lily June 8, 2004
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1. A newbie to an online forum who goes into overtime posting many short and usually meaningless posts in an attempt to raise their post count to pass the newbie stage ASAP.

2. A type of trolling or board saboteur where the intent of the person is to invade the forum with an annoying presence.

3. A person who is starving for attention in real life and compensates for their shortcomings in society by living in a forum and inserting their presence across the board everyday and sometimes all day. As soon as their post count breaches the highest recorded for the forum, they often begin to post frequently on the direction the board should take. It is not uncommon to see their avatars change frequently often with a theme of power. Forum members will begin to try to put the member in check but to no avail as the person is feeding off of their imaginary power to which they compensate for their lack of real world activity. (Most notorious for fitting this definition is the member: Bluto from getbig dot com)

4. A person, who feels their higher post count gives them added credibility in the forum, even over people who have contributed for much longer and as such they go to great lengths to increase their post count.

5. A post whore is a virtual attention whore. The attention whore brings the same attitude into online forums where they assert their “look at me” persona by invading the board with a large presence of posts.
Blutos are post whores of the worst kind.
by intoxicatedjoker April 22, 2008
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A post whore is somebody who posts mostly meaningless messages consisting of one word or just emoticons. They have an unsaid ability to magically appear in any thread at any given time to add crucial arguements to the debate at hand. These said crucial arguements include ground-breaking conjectures such as "what," "oh," or a curiously little smilie who is blue, and yet neither happy nor sad.
GOD, Cicada, RoudyRuffKK, Dodgeboy, MarvinMartian, Chaotic Reality, Matt-AWD, WillyWonka, Count Grishnackh
by The Fazle September 29, 2004
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1. Someone who posts on an online forum just for the sake of posting. He or she doesn't have to have any relevant or complete thought to post. As long as the post count goes up, he or she is happy.

2. Jatt
Jatt is a post-whore on's forum.
by S.C.H. July 29, 2004
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a member of a Forum, or chat board that adds messages just to increase post count with no consideration of the topic thread.
Thread Title:
Conduct Rules of Forum Please Read:

Member response: I cant read. Im just a Post Whore and want to get my name in print.
by Yamamama01 February 25, 2009
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A post whore is someone who types thousands of messages on an online forum, mostly with little or no meaning. These people post at least 50 times a day, mostly consisting of one word posts or emoticons.
Wow, rc10gttb now has 2000000000000000000000000 posts. He's a total post whore.
by nrm108024 December 19, 2006
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someone who posts on every thread out of boredom or as an attempt to feel a sense of belonging.
The nerd posted 1000 messages a day to the forum. The nerd was a true post whore.
by decepticon September 30, 2003
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