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A posimistic person is someone who has a very positive, affirmative, optimistic, favorable outlook on life.

It's actually a combination of the words postive and optimistic, hence " posimistic", "posimist " & " posimism ".

The opposite would of-course be "negamistic" , "negamist ", " negamism ", which is a combination of the words " negative " and " pessimistic " !
"Charlie is always posimistic, expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds, but sooner rather than later he must come to the realization that he cannot have his cake and eat it too !"
by Uncle Wally esq. June 15, 2009
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When someone is so positive and optimistic about life it becomes overbearing.
"Sally is always on and on about daily life affirmations, smiling at strangers, even smiling when a bird shits on you , its just so posimistic it's driving me insane!!"
by Poppingcandy December 24, 2016
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being positive and optimistic (as seen on bigbrother)
bobbie; my new job sux, i recon ima throw in the towl...
harriet; no cum'on be posimistic ...give it a chance!

bridget;i want my clothes back!
travis; stay posimistic bridge!
by lil mizz biatch May 22, 2008
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