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Origin: Italian slang word. Antonym: Botch. Meaning: a term describing the easiness or the lack of challenge of an action.
1:Mingia bro, that test was a posht. I didnt need to study or nothing and i passed for sure.

2: "why are you always smiling, whats there to be so happy about lifes a bitch" , Nah bro lifes a posht.
by Joe Mingia August 15, 2017
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Origin: Italian slang.

Meaning: someting with ease or chill,
often used to describe the coolness or how chill something was.
- 1 “How was the party?” Minchia bro, it was a posht.

-2 “Bro, wanna posht at my house tonight?” Beh ya, I’m down
by 31VGL May 26, 2018
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