A town of 30,000 in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Situated on the river Bann.

The Orange Order was founded in Portadown. Billy Wright, the LVF leader murdered in the Maze jail, was from Portadown.

Mary Peters, the olympic pentathalon gold medalist, is from Portadown.
Portadown wus playin Cliftonville saturday there was a fight as usual.
by Dirge September 19, 2004
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A crap school in Northern Ireland that thinks it's something great when in fact it is a dirty hellhole.
Those teachers from Portadown College are pathetic excuses for human beings.

Portadown College has a great rugby team! LOLROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

Students of Portadown College are shallow and consider 'having a life' to be getting drunk at the weekends in crappy bars that serve people underage.
by The Lobbster July 25, 2004
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