walking around the house with nothing but your shirt on..like the cartoon character porky pig
I thought I was alone when I was porky pigging around the house, but my roomate walked in and saw me, I was kinda offended he threw up.
by Jimballs May 01, 2007
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to drive around naked from the waist down.
Let's go get drunk and go porky pigging in the Wal Mart parking lot.
by Copie Boy November 06, 2002
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To wear a shirt with no pants. From the cartoon character Porky Pig.
Man, my girl let herself in with her moms and I was straight porky piggin' it on the couch.
by ghostface March 25, 2005
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when a college girl on a dare rides around town bottemless but with top on
porky pig the cartoon only wears a shirt
by randy April 24, 2005
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I was Porky Pigging around the apartment because it was hot and I chafe easily. My roommate walked in - I still can't shake the look in his eyes.
by The Commodore August 26, 2008
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v. The act of waking up in the morning after a drunken night, wearing a shirt and shoes but no pants. Similar to the wardrobe choices of Porky Pig.
Tom told everyone at the lunch table that he had seen a guy porky pigging it, but they knew he was lying to get friends.

Charlie is always porky pigging it, because he's a lame-ass drunkard.
by My Hibachi March 18, 2006
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The act of wearing a top (shirt), and no bottoms. To be nude from the waist down.
If you scare someone by being completely naked, you can still be porky pigging, and get the "job" done.
by jhorror November 24, 2012
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