The nasty shit that proceeds a night of drinking a massive amount of beer. A pure constant stream that makes your butt hole pucker, eyes burst open and wish your butt hole had a cork.
Hey dude, that wine last night gave me total pooza this morning. I haven't left the toilet for a good 15 mins.
by Cesar B. April 09, 2008
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the result when fecal matter, usually of human nature, is added to pizza.
It's simple, really: Poop + Pizza = Pooza.

"Last night Rachel made and entire large Pooza for dinner, and Jeff the whole thing."

"Wow! She must have busted out one massive turd to cover an entire large pizza."

"Yeah. Jeff was so stuffed afterwards he shit his pants and died of dysentery."
by Spankreas November 28, 2006
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