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verb. the act of breaking wind and moving from that place before teh smell is detectable.
I totally just pooted n scooted in the hallway.

That was a sick poot n scoot.
by Ralf April 25, 2005
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The act of farting in public and then quickly vacating the area so that people don't know you did it. A distraction mechanism, like faking a call on your cell phone or messing with you iPod is a clever move. Try not to be noticed, and get out of there before the stank settles!
"I farted on the bus yesterday, so I immediately got off at the next stop and left the stank in the bus for the other schmucks. It was a perfect poot-n-scoot!"
by PootskieDoodle April 17, 2009
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A game played mainly in the southern states in which players intentionally poop themselves and then try and see who can drag their buttocks across the floor and leave the longest skid mark.
Woodrow: "Hey momma after church today, are we gonna play a good ole fashioned game of poot-n-scoot?"

Momma: "Yes Woodrow, let's see if you can beat my 13 foot long skidmark from last week!"

Woodrow: "You better watch out, I'm the best poot-n-scooter this side of the Mississippi!"
by PooterMagee November 21, 2012
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