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taking a shit in heaven while your blazed out of your mind to the sky. THe shit being so heavy it falls directly into hell and hits a demon on the head, this demon in turn throws the poop back up to heaven, but it dosnt completely reach. No no no it gets lost on a crazy journey through time, space, and the atmosphere and saved a couple babies. But this poop dosth land once again in the blue moon of the seventh hour when frodo appears out of the mist of Gloorghoom, and emits a stench so dismal it makes even the most pure water... Turn into pure puresome. Or some might say PIERCE BROSNAM, JAUMAICA BOND, OR SHANNLEY LEANGLITHS. may also turn into Michael Smearington, bob bowboa, bob bowmanson, Norman the mormanwhoseborninafloorbinthemorninonhestartedwhorinmichaeljordan
God god initiated code poopgreen for his giraffe staff.
by M.D. celeldothis July 24, 2009
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Poopgreen a species of poop indigenous to a toilet bowl. This species of poop is very disgusting and can also be found in homosapien baby diapers. Can also be a derogatory name for a generally undesirable person, much the way you can call someone a turd.
I was hunting for poopgreen today. I found a really good poopgreen and decided to throw it at Will's face. Boy was he mad!
by The great Matticus February 24, 2009
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