one who has SHIT in their pants due to very poor ass whipping skills or someone who has run out of toilet paper
holy shit dude you have poop stains in your undies
by Nicole Davis January 18, 2009
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The poop stain is how the dumbshits tell the front of their underwear from the back.

Also the poop stain can be what you would find on a towel that some chick used to wipe herself after anal sex.
dumbshit thinks in the morning "brown back, yellow front.. good thing i can tell from the poop stain."

that bitch left a damn poop stain on my towel.
by Rhynoo June 28, 2005
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If someone takes shit or craps and it leaves a stain its referred to as a poop stain
Look kyle left a poopstain
Somebody clean up that poopstain
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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The stains left on a face clothe and/or bathroom floor after a female/devil receives anal and frantically attempts to cover up her poopy mess.
Emily frantically attempted to wipe up the poop on the bathroom floor and her back side but to no avail, just more poop stains.
by John Monopoly April 13, 2008
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A giant birthmark on the side of one's face that resembles fecal matter.
That girls birthmark looks like a poop stain, e.g. poop stain where you at girl poop stain where you at, say what?
by AmriBalls April 01, 2011
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When you take a drag off a bowl, then a drag off a cigarette and then do a shot of Liqour without exhaling until you've swallowed the shot.
Do you remember Kenny from Mallozzis in Rotterdam? He was the master at doing Super Poop Stains!!!
by Potatoes Au Rotten October 12, 2010
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