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The stains left on a face clothe and/or bathroom floor after a female/devil receives anal and frantically attempts to cover up her poopy mess.
Emily frantically attempted to wipe up the poop on the bathroom floor and her back side but to no avail, just more poop stains.
by John Monopoly April 13, 2008

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The quif boy is a very mystical creature. He holds some properties of a quif and some of a boy. He is an embarassment and a mistake after sex. He is a boy in the sense that he is not yet a man and dose childish things such as drive like a dick head with warts and call people out with no intention in actually fighting. The quif boy has been known to appear very seldom but when one is seen, all who witness should bask in the awesomeness that is the worst two people could bring into this world.
Jeff arrived to fight Ryan after calling him out, but then ran when Ryan advanced on him. What a quif boy.
by John Monopoly April 14, 2008

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