when two women have slept with the same man, they become pooner pals. It is the female equivalent of the wiener cousin
Oh shit, you slept with bobby?! I hit that like 2 years ago...that makes us pooner pals!!!
by xxSea Doggiexx August 06, 2009
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The result of poo transference during double penetration. When the pooner drops out of the anus and touches the penis that is ravaging the vagina, both penises become pooner pals
John and Jermaine doubled up on Cindy. John tagging the b-hole and Jermaine ravaging the vajayjay. John was getting so rough that his filthy pooner popped out and smeared pooge on Jermaine's cock, forever labeling them pooner pals.
by filthy spitfire March 26, 2010
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Two or more friends who acheive great things together
Professor Ownage, Purple Tiger, and Fugi are pooner pals
by Professor Ownage May 04, 2008
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