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1. n; A poon that has become so infested and full of diseases that it now drips continually. An infectious nasty vag that secretes fluid. Also can be used to describe a vajayjay that has been seriously neglected and not cleaned properly. A disgusting, hairy, stinking, swollen, dripping, rabies-infected, hairy wilderbeast of a vagina that is reminiscent of bundled wet vacuum lint.

2. adj; Used as a derogatory term toward someone else, usually in the place of calling someone a douche, loaner douche, asshole, jerk, etc.
"Ughhhhh!!!!! I went down on this chick and she had a freaking poondizzler! OMG, scarred for life!"

Aly: "Did you see that kid? What a douche!"
Andre: "I know right? Freaking poondizzler!"
by Alycia H. April 17, 2008
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