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the sexual act of filling a swimming pool with semen - the recipient of the poolkake may either sit in the pool as it is filled or dive/belly-flop/bomb into the semen afterwards.

for the truly authentic experience it is best achieved with the following formula.

- the average amount in a male ejaculant is 1/2 a teaspoon or 2.5 millilitres.
- the world record for most ejaculations in an hour is 16 - so 10 is the number used in the equations.
- the average man is approx. 50cm wide across the shoulders.


In a pool of 60000 litres, approx. 30 metres in circumference, it would take

280 men, in 4 rotating 1 hour shifts of 70, standing around the pool, at a rate of 700 ejaculations an hour;

A total of 24,000,000 ejaculations over a period of 34,285 hours = 1428 days = 3.9 years

to fill the pool

and just a moment to jump in
dude, did you hear about the huge sperm bank heist?

yeah, theres a poolkake party going on somewhere tonight
by idubstoners July 08, 2010
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