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the cutsey name for cameltoe/

a portmanteou of the words "pussy" and "wedgie"
The bullies at school would hunt me down and give me poodgies.
by Dr. Habababanon February 22, 2009
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A wedgie that specifically occurs in the front instead of the back. A poodgie occurs when underpants or trousers become trapped around one's genitals in a manner than causes discomfort. This sensation can be relieved by pulling the garments loose of the genitals. Differs from a camel-toe or moose knuckle in that a poodgie describes the feeling instead of the look.
Pronounced pood-jee. The "oo" sounds like it does in the word "hood".
Bruce: Why do you look so uncomfortable?
Sheila: Because I've got a poodgie.
by Mama Teresa February 14, 2018
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