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a. When you or a new partner suggest a shower or some sexual adventure and the other partner doesn't seem very excited about it. You may wonder if they aren't that into you, or not that into your sexy idea, when it turns out that they just had to poo and were too shy to say anything.
b. when you are too close to having a poo that sex doesn't seem like a good idea
The morning after the first sleepover, BJ suggested that they take a shower and he would wash her back, then they could crawl back in bed. She was quiet for a minute and didn't seem very excited about the idea. He wondered if she wasn't so into him or didn't want him. After an awkward silence, she said she had to go poo and didn't want to stink up the only bathroom where the shower was. He wondered how many people get poo blocked when a candle and an extra 30 minutes would fix the problem.
by White Egret November 03, 2015
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