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a wicked hick school located in North Scituate even though the students who go there live in Foster Glocester. Ponaganset students typically never have school because of "no school foster, glocester." They are Known as the home of the chieftians or home of the ponaganset potheads. we have a sweet music program though one of the best. Every that goes here is usually high. Also their are a lot of pervert teachers that teach here. Everyone likes to fight, mainly chicks, even though their clearly both equally slutty. This school blows unless you like weed and alcohol then your in the right place! we love to party
boy:woah i got lost and ended up at this hick high school
girl: musta been ponaganset high, you get any weed bro
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
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